About us

Welcome to Pendle Products. We aim to produce a range of well designed, simple products using the manufacturing expertise of Pendle Engineering. All our products are designed, developed and manufactured in house using our extensive facilities. We also make the Pendle Bike Rack range of bike racks for cars.


We started by offering Laptop Stands. This product was designed because we wanted a laptop stand to use ourselves. After looking at some of the stands that were available we decided we could make one ourselves and make a few improvements along the way. Now we are offering that stand to everyone.


Our second offering is a unique new stand for the Apple iPad, it allows the iPad to be used at your desk in an inclined or reclined position for better productivity. It is designed to look great whilst being strong and stable through laser cut steel construction with a protective and secure plastic resting system to hold you iPad securely without damaging it.


We intend to continue this philosophy and bring you more exciting products in the near future. We will always keep to the aims of that first Laptop Stand: A well thought out, simple product that is attractive and manufactured to a high standard.