Laptop Stand Large

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The Pendle Laptop Stand for larger Laptops


Designed to lift your laptop to a more comfortable height when working with an external monitor. This makes it much more comfortable to use for long periods of work. Allowing the ergonomics of a full size display, keyboard and mouse with the convenience and portability of a laptop. Ideal if you have recently replaced your desktop but miss the comfort.


The Pendle Laptop Stand has been designed to look good on your desk, its strong and stable with a very small footprint. The space underneath allows you to keep accessories such as external backup drives or USB hubs. You don't have to clear a laptop sized space for this stand.


The design also gives it an inbuilt strength and stability making it feel secure. Your laptop stands on its normal feet on the surface of the stand, the large hole underneath allows more air to circulate than it would on the desk surface. The holes in the side allow you to tidy away cables from ports situated on the side of your laptop.


The Pendle Laptop Stand is designed and manufactured by ourselves in our own factory in Nelson, Lancashire. It is made from steel using fast and precise laser cutters. The surface is powder coated in Black or White.


This stand is intended for laptops of around 17" screen size such as the Apple MacBook Pro. The useable area is 390 x 265 mm, if the feet underneath your laptop are within this size then it will fit.


Users of 15" laptops may also be interested in our 'Laptop Stand Regular', a 15 inch laptop's feet will fit on the Regular stand with the sides of the laptop slightly overhanging. On the larger stand they will slightly underhang. The choice is up to you.


Price: £45 + £8 p&p in the UK