Tablet Stand

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This is a Tablet Stand designed to act as a home base for your Tablet Computer. Sitting on a table or desk it makes the ideal place to keep your Tablet at home or the office, it provides a sturdy alternative to flimsy travel cases which double as stands. It is one of the most innovative and original stands on the market to help you make the most of the incredible computing potential of the Tablet form factor. The stand allows the Tablet to be used at two angles: inclined and reclined. You'll find that different tasks are better suited to one angle or the other. The stand can be changed from one position to the other in just a few seconds.


Your Tablet is well protected when placed on the stand by rubber and plastic supports. The stand is simple, light and strong with a very small footprint on your desk. The dock connector is always free so charging and syncing are easy while in use. 


Fits any tablet device with 7 or 10" screen up to 14mm thick, such as the HP TouchPad, Blackberry PlayBook or Motorola Xoom and many of the Android Tablets as well as eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle.



  • Ideal as a home base for your Tablet on a desk or table
  • Easily switched between an inclined and reclined position.
  • Tablet rests on protective rubber and plastic supports.
  • Can be used in portrait or landscape orientations with full dock connector access.
  • Can be changed from one set-up to the other in seconds.
  • Super strong, stable laser cut steel design, made in England.



P&P £8 in UK only - othe countries available on request.