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pendleproducts.com have implemented SSL within the website to ensure high level of security.



The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol has become the universal standard on the Web for authenticating Web sites to Web browser users, and for encrypting communications between browser users and Web servers.  SSL is required for online shopping cart sites. SSL prevents from online fraud, phishing, shopping (sales) fraud, data Interception.



pendleproducts.com has been certified secure by C-O-M-O-D-O.

Comodo is a global company that has offices around the world. Comodo have been keeping websites and web users securely connected through SSL certificates and desktop security products.

  • 99.3 percent of all browsers recognize Comodo and its Root Certificates (by the way, Comodo owns 12 of its own root certificates that are found on all web browsers)
  • Comodo are the second largest certificate authority in the world - Comodo ensures that millions of transactions are safely performed every day

Click here to visit www.comodo.com for more details